Horseback Guide

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Horseback Guide

Post  Bastian on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:49 pm

Difficulty: 2/10
Duration: 2 days
Max Player: 1
EXP: 7230

There is NO Trap on the adventure island.

You will arrive the island at the "Arrival" sector as shown on the picture above.
The adventure will be much easier if you move to "Start Here" sector.

The clean order is sector 1, 2 and 3, 4 and 5, then sector 6.
Blue circles means the locations of leader camp.
Yellow circles on the picture means the camps that you cannot skip.
Two white circles are my garrison locations when I deal with the leader camps of section 2 and 6.

Troops to Bring

R = Recruit, M = Militia, LB = Longbowman

Total : 907R +130M +163LB

Combat and Losses

Sector 1
Minor Camp:
Nomad: 70, Lance Rider: 40 => Send: 200R => Loss: 40R to 47R
Nomad: 70, Lance Rider: 40 => Send: 200R => Loss: 40R to 47R
Nomad: 70, Riding Amazonian Guard: 40 => Send: 200R => Loss: 64R to 68R
Leader Camp:
Riding Amazonian Guard: 90, Uproarious Bull: 10 => Send: 150R 50M => Loss: 147R to 150R, 0M to 12M

Sector 2
Leader Camp:
Lance Rider: 80, Composite Bowman: 120 => Send: 79R 121M => Loss: 68R to 78R

Sector 3
Leader Camp:
Nomad: 70, Cataphract: 20 => Send: 200R => Loss: 42R to 48R

Sector 4
Minor Camp:
Riding Amazonian Guard: 30, Riding Bowman: 40 => Send: 70R 130M => Loss: 65R to 68R
Leader Camp:
Nomad: 60, Riding Bowman: 75 => Send: 111R 89M => Loss: 90R to 111R

Sector 5
Leader Camp:
Nomad: 90, Composite Bowman: 90 => Send: 37R 163LB => Loss: 30R to 36R

Sector 6
Minor Camp:
Lance Rider: 40, Nomad: 40 => Send: 200R => Loss: 29R to 37R
Riding Amazonian Guard: 40 => Send: 200R => Loss: 33R to 40R
Leader Camp:
Lance Rider: 40, Nomad: 60, Composite Bowman: 60 => Send: 120R 80M => Loss: 36R to 42R

Total Losses: 684R to 772R, 0M to 12M

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Horseback another tactical path

Post  DarRay on Sun May 27, 2012 4:22 pm

Numbering system and the tactical map refers SidV's tactical map,

16|46R, 103S
17|48R, 120S
11|43R, 157S
14|(68R, 132S) 1R 1M
15|30R 100B, 70LB
4|79R, 121S
3|35R, 16C 1S 148LB
20|(69R, 131S) 1R 1M
19|128R, 72S

Two which are covered with parentheses ones are non blocking ones. You could actually avoid attack those two if you blocking. Comma is represents the maximum damage and attacks can be done in given order.

So all you need is,
411R 100B 2M, 16C 148LB 157S => if use blocking
546R 100B, 16C 148LB 157S => if use non-blocking

Good Luck all.
- DarRay


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