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Post  DarRay on Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:13 pm

This guide of traitors is inherited from the SidV's Guide and hats off to him.

In my version i tried three times to do camp no 7 but couldn't figure out a way to do that. One time blocking done successfully in my side, but not in server so lost two both generals. So beware if you do blocking camp 7. Do not trust you see in the local machine, make sure refresh your map of adventure island by visiting your home island and coming back and see all blocking thing going good.

4(L1) : 29R| 152C 18LB 1S > 29R 152C 18LB 1S = 200

5 : 53R| 74C 72LB 1S > 82R 152C 72LB 1S = 307
6 : 129R, 5R| 194C 1S > 216R 194C 72LB 1S = 483
7 : 48R, 161R| 39S > 425R 194C 72LB 39S = 730
8(L2) : 76R 1M| 112C 10LB 1S > 501R 1M 194C 72LB 39S = 807

10 : 140B, 75R| 125C > 576R 140B 1M 194C 72LB 39S = 1022
WC(L3) : 92R, 200R, 63R| 137S > 931R 140B 1M 194C 72LB 137S = 1475

So all you would be needing is 931R 140B 1M 194C 72LB 137S units and you will be loosing 931R 140B 1M units in maximum.
Don't go to defeat camp 9 since you can easily block it.

Good luck!!!


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