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Post  Jay on Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:32 am

-We are a pay it forward base guild. Meaning we will help you out when you are low on resources and/or lower level, but we look for that help to turn into help to another chill member as you grow in level and understanding of the game

-If there is an issue with another member or a situation we ask you bring it to an officer or to the guild leader and keep it out of the guild chat. Members with continuous issues will be warned

-This is a game and have fun but have respect for given positions and fellow members as everybody is different and could possibly take things a different way than you see it.

-please respond to Roll calls when sent out, this helps us keep an active guild and see who we all can put our effort into...the more the merrier!

-in house trades typically go for 1 fish/pinewood log per whatever is needed for resources under expert level. for the resources at the expert level please negotiate a fair rate with each other as those materials are more difficult to produce.

I thank you for participating in an idea of chilling with another stranger on line and letting go from the real world for a couple hours in your days. I hope we all continue to grow and have fun in the game. Thank you again .....


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