50/50 Raffle for 12/16

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50/50 Raffle for 12/16 Empty 50/50 Raffle for 12/16

Post  Zargonn on Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:36 pm

OK, last weeks raffle went pretty good. For this week I am thinking of adding a couple more games so there will be a chance of more numbers to buy. Again, 20 gold coins per number and we will add every teams score together to get to the final score/number.

This weeks games are:
NFL: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans 1pm game
Pittsburg Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys 4:25 pm game
San Francisco 49ers vs New England Patriots 8:20 pm game
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia 76ers 6pm game

Zargonn #'s 275, 310, 350, 379, 390 100 gc's PD
Jay #'s 225, 250, 274, 300, 349 100 gc's PD


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